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Learn what muscles make up the core (spoiler, it’s not the abs!), what diastasis recti is, how to check for it, and why incontinence is common but not normal.

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I am stronger, feel better, look better and cannot wait to see what my next sessions will bring.

Muriel Abrey

If you want to put yourself back together safely after having a baby, then Restore my Core is the best way I can think of to do it. Can I do it again?!

Ali Higham

Joining your class was the best decision I could’ve made!

Lili Stemson

The biggest benefit is a boost in confidence, and my body shape has changed for the better.

Sarah Brown

I love it! I can be honest about what I have and haven’t done, she keeps it varied and interesting, and perhaps most importantly of all, she knows how to motivate me.

Emma RyanBushey

100% Vanessa is the most knowledgable instructor I have ever come across. And the most accessible, she never once made you feel inadequate for being out of shape!

Gracie DefriesSt Albans

I had better results in 4 weeks than 3 months at the gym!

Tara KingBushey

I now have a better sense of commitment, a better idea how my body will be working when I do exercise and a sound plan of action to stick to.

Ali Higham

I now feel stronger, flatter (!), and less self-conscious.

Helen BettridgeMill Hill

Vanessa really knows her stuff! She has taken the time to find out a huge amount of information (I would say much more than your average personal trainer) regarding post baby bodies!

Debra HuntingtonPinner

I feel in great shape following this course, and feel this should be a manadatory for all women after they’ve had a baby!

Wendy Griffith

It’s rebuilt my confidence to actually take steps towards getting back strong and fit again.

Helen BettridgeMill Hill

Restore My Core has made me feel like me again, but better!

Gracie DefriesSt Albans

Training always feels like we’re working together to improve me and my very specific personal goals.

Helen BettridgeSt. Albans

The stretches and tips on using the foam roller have been great for aches and pains and I feel really good after doing the mobility excercises!

Laura RobsonBushey

I enjoy seeing the results just from simple exercises and lifestyle changes designed to fit around you and baby.

Gracie Defries St Albans

The sessions are varied- Vanessa always has a plan, but if I’m feeling more in need of something slightly different we tweak it.

Helen BettridgeMill Hill

I feel brighter, stronger, and more confident now.

Gracie DefriesSt. Albans

If you’re thinking of training with Vanessa do it! She is super knowledgable, patient, not in the least judgmental about anything

Helen BettridgeMill Hill

I feel fitter and stronger. I have become more toned, especially in my bum, legs and arms.

Emma RyanBushey

I have learned to use my TVA muscles more effectively and to breathe correctly through excercises.

Laura RobsenBushey

I liked the small class size, there is a real connection between everyone which helped to keep my motivation levels ups and also to stay focused on the end goal.

Debra HuntingtonPinner