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Physiotherapy For Where?!

I sometimes describe pregnancy exercise to clients as training for their Olympic event. Because that’s kind of what it is- a life changing event where huge physiological changes occur in a woman’s body. So we prepare for it. My clients stay as mobile, fit and strong as they can. We work on opening the pelvis […]

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Are You Getting Enough?

Probably not. Most of us don’t. Cars, the convenience of online shopping, the weather, it all means we don’t get as much time walking as we should. Yes, walking. What did you think I was talking about? Ok I’m sorry, but it’s not easy making a blog on walking sound exciting. Because most people don’t […]

Why we need to stop saying this to mums.

“You don’t look like you’ve had a baby!” It’s a ubiquitous comment, meant in kindness to reassure a new mum she looks great. There’s no malice there, and I’ve said it myself in the past. It begs the question though: what does someone who’s had a baby look like exactly? This is meant as a […]