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The Post Natal Core Part 2 of 3: The Core Breath

The second in my video series for Mums of Steel, looking at how our breathing technique affects the core. An important part of core training that is often overlooked! If you haven’t watched Part 1, click here to watch it first. To make sure your post natal training is on the right track book onto […]

Recipe: Chicken Stock

I’ve called this chicken stock, but that’s purely because that’s how I tend to use it. But broth, soup, stock; it’s all the same really. I’ve written about the benefits to healing diastasis recti here, but this stuff really is packed with of all kinds of goodness. It’s full of gelatin, which is a digestive aid, and the […]

Buns of Steel With Mums of Steel!

I’m sure you’ve all been told before how great squats are for the glutes, and while the humble squat is an awesome exerise, when it comes to getting buns of steel there’s more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. Here we’re going to show you a few alternatives to throw some variety […]

Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciotore.

I love love love my slow cooker, and this is one of my go-to recipes for it. My day always feels a bit happier when I know I have a yummy dinner already cooking, partly because I’m looking forward to it, and partly because I feel a bit smug for being organised. It also means […]

Best Fishcakes EVER.

I have fussy little eaters as children. It could be worse: they’re not always bad. The youngest started out as an eat-anything-and-everything kind of baby. And the oldest is getting better. But they will both regularly greet the food I prepare with a “yuk” (yes, they are well raised and polite little cherubs, aren’t they?) […]

Exercise As A New Mum: Can Less Be More?

I don’t think any mum has ever looked back at the first year of her child’s life and thought, “I wish I’d done more cleaning. Those dusty skirting boards still haunt me”. What you do look back at and cherish are those moments when you are in a place of absolute peace; your baby is smiling […]