postnatal fitness

A small group exercise programme to restore your core, pelvic floor, and help get you back in to shape after baby.

If you want to put yourself back together safely after having a baby, then Restore my Core is the best way I can think of to do it.

Ali Higham

Joining your class was the best decision I could’ve made!

Lili StemsonSt. Albans

It was really helpful having the Facebook group and Vanessa keeping us on track by posting little tips and interesting reading.

Laura RobsenBushey

100% Vanessa is the most knowledgable instructor I have ever come across. And the most accessible, she never once made you feel inadequate for being out of shape!

Gracie DefriesSt Albans

The biggest benefit is a boost in confidence, and my body shape has changed for the better.

Sarah Brown

I had better results in 4 weeks than 3 months at the gym!

Tara KingBushey

Vanessa really knows her stuff! She has taken the time to find out a huge amount of information (I would say much more than your average personal trainer) regarding post baby bodies!

Debra HuntingtonPinner

I feel that I now have the knowledge and tools to be able to effectively continue healing my diastasis.

Laura RobsonBushey

Before the course I felt disconnected from body and mind, Restore My Core has made me feel like me again, but better!

Gracie DefriesSt. Albans

I have learned to use my TVA muscles more effectively and to breathe correctly through excercises.

Laura RobsonBushey

I have never really engaged in regular exercise, mainly because it bores me. But Vanessa has turned a switch on in my head.

Gracie DefriesSt. Albans

Your course is a complete all round approach which would work for any new mummy wanting to not only look great, but feel great too!!

Lili StemsonSt. Albans

I feel in great shape following this course, and feel this should be a manadatory for all women after they’ve had a baby!

Wendy GriffithPinner

The stretches and tips on using the foam roller have been great for aches and pains and I feel really good after doing the mobility excercises!

Laura RobsonBushey

I can see myself using the workouts for years to come. It really does make a difference, I ache today!


I enjoy seeing the results just from simple exercises and lifestyle changes designed to fit around you and baby.

Gracie DefriesSt. Albans

Restore My Core has been a very different and positive exercise class for me.

Debra HuntingtonPinner

It was really helpful being sent information and course material to read at own pace, and also having the clips on youtube to do at home.

Tara KingBushey

I feel brighter, stronger, and more confident now.

Gracie DefriesSt. Albans

The exercises that Vanessa recommended were tailored to what I wanted to achieve and relevant to my how by body worked.

Debra HuntingtonPinner

It’s phenomenal value for money – the equipment we’re given, workout videos for home, recipe books, extra treats and support is fantastic!!

Wendy Griffith

I liked the small class size, there is a real connection between everyone which helped to keep my motivation levels ups and also to stay focused on the end goal.

Debra HuntingtonPinner

The course is well designed, easy to follow and that gentle kick you might need to get yourself back in to exercise. Can I do it again?!

Ali Higham
Sarah Brown It’s an easy to follow programme that you really will see the benefits from in just a couple of weeks

Is This Course For You?

  • Are you struggling with juggling a baby, running the house, keeping up with everything and looking after yourself?
  • Are you unsure how your nutrition can best aid your recovery?
  • Do you want a programme that you can do anywhere and fits in to your life?
  • Do you want to lose fat without hard diets?
  • Are you confused about what exercises are best?
  • Do you want a programme that takes into consideration the affect pregnancy and birth has had on your body?
  • Do you want to know more about your pelvic floor and core?